Zune software for ipod touch

Amazon, which has started taking preorders for the. Working just like the builtin ipod app, muzik allows the playback of music and video, all with the fancy interface wp7 users know and love. I could get him an ipod touch or something but he digs retro things gbc, gba, etc so my buddy gave me a zune in the box. How one of the biggest flops in tech history helped. To get started using zune hd, download the latest software to your pc from zune. Like the ipod touch, the zune hd is wifienabled so owners can. Zune is a discontinued line of digital media products and services marketed by microsoft. For the next couple of years, consumers were infatuated with touch screens and wanted no part of a music player. We dont have anything to share right now, a company spokesperson told microsoft confirmed earlier this month that the zune hds will launch on sept. The windows phone app succeeded zune software as the desktop sync service for windows phone 8, as part of microsofts.

The zune hd vs the ipod touch 2nd and 3rd generation. If you want to start managing the files in itunes or transfer them to an ipod or iphone, however, you can use the zune software to transfer the files from the device. Microsoft may clone ipod touch as zune hd appleinsider. Sorry about the reupload, the original video had an error i didnt catch until after it was posted. We will also compare the hardware and software to the market leader, the ipod touch. The zune hd and the ipod touch 4g share many of the same features, including a touch screen interface and builtin wifi. The need to convert video to a zune hd format via the zune software. However, the real competition between the zune hd and the ipod touch will come down to software. However the zune hd is a gadget that fails to disappoint. Zune hd vs ipod touch zune is smaller than ipod touch zune hd vs ipod touch from yaya on vimeo.

Zune hd made me wish i never bought an ipod windows central. Zune hd also comes with 16 gb capacity flash memory card, while ipod touch comes with an 8 gb version. The zune hd also features an hd radio tuner, something the ipod touch doesnt have. Having survived its freshman hazing, the zune is back for its sophomore revenge, and the ipod has every reason to be frightened. Once the music is on your hard drive, you can sync it to the ipod. Take a look at zune software, zune music and zune player features compared to the ipod. I could get him an ipod touch or something but he digs retro things. In a strict bulletpoint comparison, the zune hd is clearly the champion3 points to 1. Zune consisted of a line of portable media players, digital media player software for windows pcs, a music subscription service known as a zune music pass, music and video streaming services for the xbox 360 game console via the zune software, music, tv and movie sales, and desktop sync software for. One impressive feature of the zune hd is that is just about two thirds the size of the ipod touch. Zune hd sports a glass covered oled display with a 3. Unboxing the zune hd media player and zune software 4. Zune was a line of digital media products and services marketed by microsoft. Zune hd 16 gb video mp3 player black important product information.

Were not sure why the designers didnt just take a page from the ipod touch and. Microsofts zune hd to take on ipod touch internetnews. Redmond made it official wednesday, quietly announcing the zune is no more and leaving the few people still using the damn thing wondering where they go from here. The zune 80gb certainly holds its own when pitted against the 80gb ipod classic on a specification table. It does deliver a smashing music experience nevertheless.

Microsofts zune crashes as ipod sales grow appleinsider. But the newest ipod touch features two cameras the hd zune doesnt have a camera at all. Now you can have the best of both worlds, thanks to a new app from dr. I also had the original nano and eventually the ipod touch, because. The zune doesnt work with any windows software and works with its only own software, which has just been released, which means all the kinks, are yet to be solved.

While this also comes up with the ipod touch, i found that the zune software is a bit slower at this task, meaning your sync takes a bit longer. Microsofts zune hd comes in today at a lower price point than apples ipod touch, but thats not enough to kill apples domination once and for all. Apples ipod touch, unveiled in september 2007, was the first nail in zunes coffin. The new zune will be based on a custom version of windows ce, while the ipod touch runs on the already popular iphone platform, for which thousands of applications are available. The zune hd will be able to stream music over wifi, something the ipod touch cannot do out of the box. Zune for iphone and ipod touch is here, sort of with muzik. The zune hds screen is smaller than the one on the ipod touch 3. Although more angular than the ipod touch, this device feels good and can lay flat.

How to update the firmware on your zune, without microsoft, dammit. Microsofts zune debuted with some unique features, but the companys software churned as mtv pulled its urge store from windows media player, forcing the company to ship an entirely new. Microsoft still hosts a download of the zune software, and that means. How the zuneyes, the zunehelped revive a great american tech company. Zune software tutorial for complete beginners youtube. If you purchased one over the ipod touch back in 2009, you wouldnt have regretted it. If you purchased one over the ipod touch back in 2009, you wouldnt. In order to download music from your zune to your ipod, you will first need to back up the music on to your hard drive.

Wilson gaming, called muzik working just like the builtin ipod app, muzik allows the playback of music and video, all with the fancy interface wp7 users know and love. On the other hand, you can sync wirelessly with the zune hd, and thats kind of cool. How does zune, microsofts answer to the ipod, stack up. The brightness and color of the oled screen is excellent. Aapl ipod touch contributors to several technology enthusiast sites spotted the menu item, including and. Thats not the case, however, with the ipod touch as long as youre willing to sacrifice. While the screen resolution of zune is 480 x 272 pixels, ipod touch offers 480 x 320 pixel screen resolution. The zune comes in only one size and shape in comparison to the ipod which has many variants in different shapes and sizes. And, what the ipod touch has thatas far as we knowis foreign to the zune hd. Microsofts ipod killer page 2 windows central forums. Zune hd to target ipod touch with its own apps internetnews. Microsoft unveils zune hd to compete with ipod touch the.

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